Selling Tips


A well presented home can achieve thousands of dollars above expectation and a poorly presented home can sell for well below expectation.

Remember, buyers will judge on appearance.

Buyers will drive past many homes. How does your property look from the street. Have a look at your home from a potential buyers point of view.

Does it entice you to want to look inside?  Does it look shabby? Are there cobwebs around? Is the garden messy? A well maintained front gives the impression of a well maintained, cared for home.

Getting the presentation right is something you can do yourself for very little or even no cost apart from some elbow grease.
(Although you can get professional help if you’re prepared to pay)

If you are selling, chances are you may have inspected other homes for sale.  How did you feel when you walked into a home that was cluttered, messy or uncared for?  Did you notice a huge difference when you entered a spotless, uncluttered, loved home?

First impressions count!  You need to be brutally honest with yourself and look at your property from a potential buyer’s point of view.  Aim to create a welcoming homely environment.


You don’t have to spend lots of money on house improvements that purchasers may or may not want, but spend your energy on making the house sparkle.

Other things to look for include:  dripping taps and toilets, loose or missing tiles, squeaky doors, blown light globes, missing handles, discoloured sinks or a working doorbell.

Open up curtains and blinds.  Let in as much natural light as you can.

The main entrance is important.  A new “welcome” mat and a freshly painted door and trim could give a wonderful, welcoming first impression

Then stand back with pride and look at what the buyers will see when they arrive.

For your own piece of mind make sure valuables such as jewellery, cash and wallets are not lying around.

Try to leave the house to the agent and the buyers during inspection time. Buyers will feel more comfortable if they know the owner is not there.

Selling a home may be  a stressful time when you have children.  One good idea is ask the children to pick out their favourite toys or games for one week and pack the others neatly into a cupboard.  At the end of each week ask them to pick out their favourite toy for the next week...and so on.

If it’s a cold day, if possible, put the heater on and make the home feel warm and cosy and again, if possible on a hot day cool the home down with perhaps an

The smell of a home is very important too.  Pleasant scents create pleasant moods, whereas bad odour will be an instant repellent to a buyer. Sometimes the smell of a clean home is enough or a vase of freshly picked flowers, home cooked biscuits/bread or essential oils.

There are a lot of people who put their properties on the market who do not consider these points.  Just imagine how impressive your house will look compared to theirs.



  1. Lawns need to be mown and edged
  2. Prune trees and bushes that are overgrown
  3. Weed garden beds
  4. Remove all dead or dying plants in the garden or in pots
  5. Clean away cobwebs
  6. Look at fences - fix any loose palings
  7. Sweep or clean paths and driveways
  8. One easy & cheap way of adding colour to your garden in a short time is to plant some annuals.  These normally flower quickly and will add instant color.
  9. Give the Garage and/or shed a tidy


  1. One of the most common reasons for moving is the need for more space
  2. For this reason a very important rule when selling is to  “de-clutter”
  3. Help to create a more spacious atmosphere.  Look at how much furniture you have, toys, boxes etc. Too much can make a house look cluttered and smaller than it really is.  Analyse each room and remove items that make the room look messy, small or overcrowded
  4. Try to create a sense of light and space.  Open curtains and let the sun shine in
  5. One room most home owners consider the most important is the kitchen
  6. Impress purchasers with a spotless and uncluttered kitchen
  7. In the bathroom clean mouldy tiles, showers and ceilings
  8. Organise closets and cupboards to show off storage space
  9. Clean dirty marks on walls, door handles and cupboards
  10. Make the windows sparkle